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Fruit Grafter's Handbook


by Tom Burford and Ed Fackler

From the back cover:

This book presents all the information necessary to learn and practice fruit tree propagation. The authors, Tom Burford and Ed Fackler, both veteran orchardists and nurserymen, have taught workshops and seminars on grafting for decades. After a brief history of fruit tree propagation, the grafter-to-be learns about the tools and materials for plant "carpentry" and the two major parts to make a graft, the rootstock and the scion. Then, the principles of fruit tree propagation outline the reasons for grafing timing, conditions and the vital necessity for rootstock and scion cell contact. Finally, the when and how of grafting present four classing methods with systematic instructions and sequential illustrations. The commonplace skill of grafting disappeared from the farms and orchards of America after the two World Wars, along with thousands of fruit varieties. From this book you can learn one of the most useful agricultural skills and not only graft your own backyard fruit garden but perhaps return to the cultivation those "lost" varieties yet found in the nooks and crannies of old orchards and homesteads of America.

Paperback, Spiral-bound, 33 pages

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