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Burford Pear Tree


The Burford Pear  is an excellent easily grown European pear with smooth buttery melting flesh, sweet and delicately flavored.  Disease resistant and easily grown, it will get an occasional fireblight strike, but the damage is limited and can be easily controlled by pruning out the infected branch.  Highly recommended. 

Tom Burford shared this tree with us.  He relates that “Burford Pear was a selection from my great-grandfather's orchard that he found outstanding because of it flavor, ripening quality, tree stamina and above all resistance to fireblight and pear psylla.  It likely is also a genetic dwarf.  A 75 to 100 year old tree was my childhood backyard favorite pear tree…,The tree grows some 16—20 feet and has extraordinarily limber branches. With a full load of from 17 to 20 bushels the unfruited limbs nearly head high would bend to the ground with mature fruit without breakage.   These  pears can beautifully.. The ripening time for harvest is forgiving and even when fully ripe on the tree or gathered from windfalls  the pears are useable for dessert, canning and pickling.

Tom also  declares this pear excellent for perry and has made an excellent pear vinegar from it as well. Tom is unsure of the provenence of this pear, it could be a seedling or it could be of European derivation, possibly France.  

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