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Early Harvest Apple Tree


EARLY HARVEST was listed by McMahon in 1805, and Coxe described it in 1817, under the names Prince's Harvest and Early French Reinette. Round in shape, medium in size, and straw-yellow in color when fully ripe, the flesh is crisp, very white and juicy, with a sprightly flavor. The core is small. Sometimes the skin will have an orange blush and whitish specks that turn brown when the fruit ripens. The slender stem is about 3/4 inch long, and the seeds are light brown, abundant and ovate in shape. It is an upright, slow growing tree that bears early and heavily, and the wood is reddish-brown with small white specks. To bear well, it needs rich soil. A culinary apple, particularly good for apple sauce, it is rich and subacid in flavor. Since the delicate skin will readily bruise, it is seldom seen in the commercial market. It ripens over a long period in July.

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