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Father Abraham Apple Tree


FATHER ABRAHAM is the Danziger Kantaphel, first mentioned in 1790, that presumably came from the Danzig, Germany, region. It was mentioned in 1802 as a cider apple in Ireland. William Cox wrote in 1817: "This is a small apple of a flat form; the skin is red with spots and blotches of red with a little yellow. …" It is medium in size, prominently ribbed at the eye with some ribbing from the base to the apex. The greenish-yellow skin is almost totally flushed and streaked brownish-red and dotted over the surface. Sometimes it is russeted at the base and the skin is very greasy. The yellowish-white flesh is fine-grained, tinged red under the skin, with a sweet subacid flavor. The flavor is mildly aromatic. It bears regularly and stores well. Ripens in September

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