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Kidd's Orange Red Apple Tree


KIDD'S ORANGE RED is also called Delco, for the Delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin parents, and there is a highly-colored sport called Captain Kidd. A 1924 cross from New Zealand grown by J. H. Kidd at Greytown, Wairarapa, it is medium in size and conical in shape, with yellow skin, flushed orange. It is striped scarlet and has patches of russet over the surface. In humid growing regions, the color is a dull red. The cream-colored flesh of this dessert apple is crisp, firm, sweet and very aromatic. Its long stem permits good spray penetration. The tree is vigorous with spreading branches and is precocious, fruiting in 4 years on EMLA 111 rootstock. Since it is very susceptible to russeting, its drab and ruddy skin detracts from its commercial value. It resists scab and mildew, but is subject to spray injury. There is some frost resistance and little preharvest drop. It ripens in September, usually just before Cox's Orange Pippin.

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