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**Available February through April**  Vintage Virginia Apples is now offering a selection of scionwood for sale. Apple varieties available this year are listed below. Each stick is guaranteed to be 8” long, and will contain at least 4 buds. Price is $5 per stick, with a minimum order of 3 sticks (mixing and matching is allowed); shipping will be calculated based on order size and added as a separate charge. All orders must be placed by March 23 and orders will be ready to ship or pick up in early March. To order, contact us at 434-297-2326 or

Varieties Available for winter 2017:

Storage instructions:
Your scionwood will arrive wrapped in a plastic bag containing a dry paper towel.  Please open and inspect your order immediately upon arrival. If the paper towel is damp, replace it with a dry one. Re-wrap the scionwood in the plastic bag and store in a cool place, ideally a refrigerator drawer, until you are ready to graft. Do not let the scionwood freeze. Exposure to fruits and root vegetables can hasten maturation of the buds, keep scionwood separate from these items to the extent possible.