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Welcome to our New Website!

Almost 14 years after the orchard was started, and 4 years in to the cidery, Albemarle CiderWorks has grown in to a new website!

What makes a business sustainable? Especially a family owned and operated, artisanal small batch cider business? Close attention to quality, measured, reasonable growth, and diversification of products (but not over-diversification), to start with.  14 years ago, the Shelton family decided to offer nursery stock grafted from their collection of rare and vintage fruit trees to the public.  Then, in late July 2009, Albemarle Ciderworks released it's first batch of American hard ciders- less than a year later, 2 out of 3 of those ciders had sold out, and the current wave of interest in artisanal cider was officially gaining momentum.  We started small, but local demand dictates that we increase our output, both of trees and cider, and we couldn't be happier to meet that demand.  Every season, we meet new folks interested in starting their own orchard of fruit varieties not commonly found, we greet old friends and neighbors looking to expand their orchards and their propagation skills, and we introduce novices and cider aficionados alike to our array of blended and single varietal ciders. 

And so it is high time that we grow in to a new, more user friendly and comprehensive website.  Here you'll find information on our hours and location, tasting notes on our ciders, a searchable index of our fruit varieties including cultivation information and an online order form, event planning details, a history of our operation, current events, and much more.  We will continue to offer cider, trees, and apples for sale, alongside new offerings for weddings and private event space rentals, and vacation rentals of our farm cottage.  Our public events listings are growing too, to offer more music, food pairings, and family-friendly outings; check back often for new listings, and visit us on-site or on facebook or twitter for the most up-to-date information. 

To those readers who have been with us from the start, thank you and it's been a pleasure growing with your support.  To new acquaintances, thanks for stopping by the site, and do visit us at Rural Ridge Orchard, we look forward to meeting you!


New Website

Your new website is fabulous. It's easy to navigate and filled with interesting information about the process and how Albemarle Cider Works came to be. Next time I am in Charlottesville I will look forward to a visit. We live in Broad Run which is about an hour and 20 minutes from you. I'm curious if the orchard or any of the vineyard are having trouble with the Cicadas. What is your experience?

Thank you for your feedback,

Thank you for your feedback, Amanda! We are very excited about the new website, and we look forward to meeting you when you visit. Regarding the cicadas, we don't seem to be as heavily infested here as in other nearby places. Anecdotally, cicadas have been seen laying eggs in the soft wood near the ends of fruit tree branches in our area. How much impact they will have on the trees remains to be seen- most of our trees are just a bit younger than 17 years, and so would not have been subject to the last emergence of this cohort of cicadas. Keeping our fingers crossed for all orchardists affected this year...

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