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Apple FAQs

1. Do you sell apples?

Yes!  We sell fresh apples by the pound out of our tasting room. We typically have apples starting in late August and running through March the following year. This varies depending on harvest dates and volume.

2. Do you have a pick-your-own option?

Unfortunately, we do not.  Our orchard is small with varied varieties making it unsuitable for pick-your-own. The apples are already picked and sold in a farmstand at the tasting room.

3. What varieties do you have?

We have many varieties that we grow in our orchard but the quantity of each variety varies year by year. It's best to call ahead to find out what varieties we currently have in stock or just show up and enjoy the options!

4. Can I try the apples before I buy them?

While we have had an apple tasting table in the past, we do not currently have a safe way for everyone to try the varieties. We do have descriptions and our staff can help guide you to a variety you will enjoy.

5. What are your prices?

We sell apples by the pound.  Apples are $2.00/lb with volume discounts at 20 lbs ($1.75/lb) and 40 lbs ($1.50/lb).

6. Do you sell seconds?

Our seconds go into our fresh cider and hard cider. Because of this, we do not have seconds for sale.

7. What are your hours?

Our hours are-
Jan-Aug: Wednesday-Sunday, 11a - 5p
Sep-Dec: Daily, 11a - 5p

8. Do you have Non-Alcoholic cider?

We produce a fresh pressed, unpasteurized cider in season (late fall to early spring). Please call ahead for availability.

9. Can you ship apples?

We are a small orchard operation and do not have the ability to ship fresh apples.

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