Harvest Festival

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Vintage Virginia Apples and the CoveGarden Ruritan Club
invite you to our 20th annual


Pick-Up Times:
November 7. 2020 - 10am to 2pm
November 8, 2020 - 12pm to 3pm

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A Note from the Sheltons:

Here at Vintage Virginia Apples, we have been discussing options for our annual Harvest Festival. State and County governments have restricted the number of people allowed to congregate for public and private events. Because of this, our festival will not be the same as we’ve had it in the past.

What is now our Harvest Festival originated as a fundraiser for the CoveGarden Ruritan Club, a local charitable organization. They needed a place to make and sell apple butter and Brunswick stew and, since 2001, Vintage Virginia Apples has provided that space. It remains one of the major fundraisers for the Ruritan Club.

This year, with the need to limit traffic, we are getting back to the heart of the festival. The CoveGarden Ruritans will make apple butter and Brunswick stew and sell it in a drive-through format over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Vintage Virginia Apples will have apples and fresh juice for sale. All of these will be available for pre-order HERE. While we are not expecting the numbers we’ve had in the past, we are hoping this will help the Ruritans maintain their charitable efforts for the year.

We look forward to having everyone back in 2021 as we (hopefully) resume regular in-person activities.


Do I need to place a preorder?   Preorders are not required but strongly recommended. This is the best way to guarantee you get the products you want.

When is the last day to place a preorder?   Wednesday, November 4th is the last day to place a preorder.

Can I add hard cider to my order?   Yes, just add which ciders you would like to your cart and they will be packaged with your festival order.

Will the Albemarle CiderWorks tasting room be open?   Albemarle CiderWorks tasting room will be closed during the drive thru festival to comply with capacity restrictions.

Can I pick up my order outside of the festival pickup times?   No. Orders will not be ready before the day of the festival and are not available for pickup outside of the festival pickup times. Brunswick stew, Apple butter and Caramel apples are only available through the festival drive-thru.

Do you sell apples on days other than the festival?  Apples are available throughout the fall in our tasting room, no pre-ordering required. Fresh juice will be pressed the first week of November and will be available in our tasting room after the festival weekend.

Can I have my order shipped?  No. We do not have the materials needed to ship fruit and refrigerated products such as fresh juice.

Should I bring a cooler to hold my items?   You are welcome to bring a cooler to transport items that need refrigeration.

Can I pick up trees?  Our tree season runs from the beginning of December through the end of March.  The festival occurs a little outside this season.  Feel free to call us at 434-297-2326 with tree inquiries.

What are the weight equivalents of the apple volumes?   The weights for each of the volume amounts are approximately:  Half Peck = 5lbs;  Peck = 10lbs;  Half Bushel = 20 lbs;  Bushel (Box) = 40 lbs.