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Late every winter we sit down next to an old wood stove and put a new edge on our grafting knives.  80 to 100 of our favorite varieties of apples and pears are chosen to be bench grafted onto a variety of rootstocks and planted out in our nursery alongside the peaches and plums that will be bud grafted in the field come spring. Arduous though it may be, this process is not only essential to expanding our own orchard, but also to providing the public with access to a wide array of fruit varieties found almost nowhere else.  And of course it all pays off every time we can find someone their new favorite apple or reuinte them with an old variety their grandmother used to grow.We sell our trees as one year whips.  All of our trees are sold bare root, which limits their availability to the dormant season.  Our nursery typically opens in the second half of November and remains open through the end of March.  You can find the full inventory of available trees by opening our online catalogue.   If you have any questions regarding the nursery feel free to contact us at (434) 297-2326.