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Large Group Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in visiting Albemarle CiderWorks! For the comfort of all of our guests, we would appreciate you taking note of the following:

  • For groups of 8+, please call ahead to secure a reservation. Tables are available for 1.5 hour reservations on weekends. Reservations will be forfeit after a 15 minute grace period.

  • Groups of 8 or more will be placed upon a single tab and receive a standard 20% auto-gratuity.

  • We ask that groups over 8 order glasses and bottles rather than tastings or flights from the bar (exceptions available upon request).

  • Our tasting room is busiest on Saturdays between 2pm and 4pm. Please keep this in mind as you plan your visit.

  • Please do not rearrange or utilize more tables than are assigned to your group.

  • We do not allow table or party decorations of any kind.

  • Children must be supervised, whether indoors or outside. Please make sure your group’s children are mindful of other guests. Children are not permitted in industrial areas of the farm.

  • We have food (cheese, crackers, etc) available for purchase. You are also welcome to bring food with you. Please note that all food must be at your table and not take up extra tables. Per ABC regulations, no alcohol other than what is purchased at Albemarle CiderWorks is permitted. Please make sure to throw away all trash in the provided receptacles before you leave.

  • If you would like to rent the space, please contact our Event Manager at events@albemarleciderworks.com. This would allow your group to have exclusive access to the space.

We want all of our guests to enjoy their experience at Albemarle CiderWorks. Thank you for keeping these guidelines in mind and making sure your group members follow them.

Thank you,
The Albemarle CiderWorks Team