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Pruning 101 Workshop
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 9:00am to 1:00pm

Careful pruning ensures a more bountiful harvest. Find out how much to prune, where to make the pruning cuts, and when it should be done.

This class is structured to take orchardists from the planting of the nursery tree, through the early years of training and pruning, into lifetime maintenance, rejuvenation, and even bringing old or feral trees back into production.  We'll go over basic pruning cuts and strategies, do's and don'ts, and tool selection and maintenance, all peppered with anecdotes from lifetime practitioners.  We'll touch on pruning for stone fruits as well.  The first portion of this class will be conducted indoors, followed by a foray into the orchard for live demos.  Sign up for this workshop to have your name entered in the drawing for the classroom demo tree!

The Vintage Virginia Apples staff instruct.

Cancellation Policy:  For refund, cancellations must be received 10 days prior to event.

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