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ALEXANDER is a typical representative of the Russian class of apples called "Aporta," and is also known as Emperor Alexander, Alexander the First, Beauty of Queen, English King, Aporta and Albertin. It originated in the Ukraine in the 1700s and was introduced to England in 1805. A large dessert apple with smooth, glossy skin, greenish-yellow, and faintly streaked with red on the shaded side, orange and red on sun-exposed side. Yellowish-white flesh is crisp, tender and juicy with a brisk subacid flavor. It is probably one of the parents of Wolf River. The fruit becomes greasy in storage and will not store for a long period. Ripens late September, early October in central Virginia, over a four-week period, which makes it particularly suitable for the home orchard.

The tree is vigorous and precocious, but is a moderate cropper. The leaves are dull with irregular serrations and rumpled surfaces, and the blossoms are very large.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October