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Ashmead's Kernel

ASHMEAD'S KERNEL originated in the Gloucester area of England from seed planted by a Dr. Ashmead around 1700. Annual bearer if thinned. Fruit is small to medium. Skin is greenish-russet, often a solid gold russet. Stores three to four months at 32 degrees. Flavor is outstanding, rich and strong, with a balance of sugars and acids. Ripens in late September or early October. Good for eating fresh, cider and sauce. Fruit is flattish, round, sometimes slightly conical in shape, medium in size and russeted a golden brown with an orange or reddish bronze cheek. Crisp yellowish flesh is tinged green and sugary, juicy, and aromatic with an acidic sweet flavor. Because of the high acid content, storage for weeks or months mellows the fruit for dessert use. The fruit sets in clusters and because it is borne on short spurs, the laterals should be shortened back to 3 to 4 buds during pruning. It has a straggly tree growth habit and fruit production can be erratic, with fruit size diminishing as the tree ages. This is a good cider apple and good for winter storage.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October

Other Features

  • Stores well