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Carolina Red June

CAROLINA RED JUNE originated in North Carolina and was described in 1848, but was included on nursery lists published in colonial newspapers. Small to medium in size, the skin is glossy, pale-yellow, and overspread with a deep purplish-red on the sun-exposed side. Occasionally, the fruit is entirely red. The white flesh is tender, brisk and juicy, with a subacid flavor, and is sometimes stained red. Thinning is necessary to promote annual bearing, but the "June drop" does not affect the fruit, and therefore, attention should be given to the fruit set. The tree grows very upright and becomes bushy, with slender branches and twigs on which the fruit is borne in clusters. Occasionally, the tree will bloom twice and bear a second light crop of apples in the fall. If the fruit is left too long on the tree, it may watercore when the springs are hot and humid. Since the ripening period is over a number of weeks, this variety is particularly suitable for the home orchard. In culinary use, it is exceptional for pie making. Ripens in late June and early July.

Ripening Period

  • Early Summer - June
  • Mid Summer - July