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Chenango Strawberry

CHENANGO STRAWBERRY is said to have originated in Lebanon, Madison County, New York, but others report its origin as Connecticut. It was noted in 1854. The fruit is long, conical greenish or yellowish-white with red stripes and a bright pink blush on the sun side. The flesh is juicy, tender and subacid. There is a translucence to the smooth shiny skin, and it is highly aromatic. This medium to large apple under unfavorable conditions does not grow or color well, and it must be picked at the proper time, just as the skin begins to develop a milky appearance. The tree is hardy, long-lived, and begins to bear early, and the bark is a yellowish-green. The leaves are large, flattish, yellowish-green, with sharp, shallow serrations. It is somewhat susceptible to fireblight. In Central Virginia, the long ripening period of 2-3 weeks in August makes it a suitable dessert apple for the home orchard

Ripening Period

  • Early Summer - June