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Court Pendu Plat

COURT PENDU PLAT is a dessert apple that may date to the Roman Empire, and it was recorded in 1611. It was widely planted in Tudor times. In the West Midlands of England, it is given the name, Poor Man's Apple, and elsewhere in England, it is known as Wise Apple, because its late budding and flowering allow it to escape late frosts. In translation, the name means "suspended short flat," which describes the apple as very flat with a stem that is hardly seen, causing it to lay tight against the branch, like a peach grows. The skin is a bright-yellow or orange, flushed with rose over a fawn-russet skin. The flesh is a creamy-yellow, firm and fine-grained, with a rich, brisk, acid flavor. Lenticels are conspicuous as large russet dots, and the skin is very dry. Upright in growth, the tree leaves and fruit are all small, and the scab-resistant tree bears young and heavily. The vitamin C content is 7.70mg/100gm. It ripens in October.

Ripening Period

  • Mid Fall - October