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Crispin (Mutsu)

CRISPIN (Mutsu) came from the Aomori Research Station, Kurioshi, Japan in 1937, was developed as a cross between Golden Delicious and Indo and was introduced to the United States in 1948. Crispin is known in Japan as the Million Dollar Apple, where it sells at very high prices. The individual fruits are often grown in paper bags on the tree, causing them to develop a crystal yellow or pinkish color, but the bagging diminishes the flavor. The fruit is large, oblong, as well as irregular in shape, and the smooth greenish-yellow skin is waxy and clear with a copper blush. The dense flesh is very crisp, juicy and coarse-grained with a sprightly flavor. Some tasters detect a slight anise flavor. A vigorous grower, the fruit is free from russeting and will not shrivel in storage. It exhibits resistance to frost injury and spray injury, but there is some susceptibility to scab and cedar apple rust, and the fruit will bruise easily. Hot, dry weather will enhance the spicy flavor, and the fruit will remain whole when cooked. It is suitable for dessert, cooking and cider making. A triploid with biennial tendencies, pollination must be considered. Scoring may be needed to force buds low on the trunk to form scaffold limbs. The chilling requirement is 967 hours. There are reports of bitter pit. It ripens in late September and early October.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September

Other Features

  • Pollen Sterile