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Crow's Egg

CROW'S EGG is of unknown origin and was noted in 1832 by Kendrick. The pale yellow or greenish skin has a bronze blush and russet dots, and the whitish flesh is crisp, tender and juicy. Sometimes it is nearly covered with a dull, dark-red blush. Oblong in shape, it conically narrows at the calyx end and the basin is shallow and irregular. The core is large. A spreading and vigorous tree with long, slender, crooked branches, the medium-sized fruit is round to ovate in shape with a long, slender stem. In Central Virginia,it is sometimes called Raven Egg, and is often confused with Black Gilliflower. In Australia, many speculate that Crow's Egg could be a parent of Granny Smith. It makes an outstanding eating apple and ripens in late September and early October.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October