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Edward VII

EDWARD VII is also called King Edward and King Edward VII. It was a cross of Blenheim Orange and Golden Noble, first recorded in 1902, and introduced in 1908 by Rowe of Worchester, England. It is regarded by some as the finest winter apple for spring pie and applesauce. It is a great cooking apple. Medium to large in size, it is truncate-conic or conic in shape with yellowish-green skin that is smooth and waxy. Sometimes there is a faint brownish-red flush. The white-tinged flesh is firm, crisp and fine-grained with an acid flavor. Late flowering, it is suitable for frost-prone areas. The late-flowering varieties, Crawley Beauty and Royal Jubilee, are appropriate English variety pollinators. The hardy, upright-growing and compact tree is a moderate cropper that is slow to begin bearing. It appears to offer some resistance to scab infection. It stores well and ripens in late September and early October.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September