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Gloria Mundi

GLORIA MUNDI is of uncertain origin, but it is recorded in 1804 that it originated on the farm of a Mr. Crooks near Red Hook, New York. Coxe places its origin in Long Island, New York. There is even some speculation that it came from Germany. A large, irregularly-shaped apple with silvery-green skin that ripens to a golden-yellow. There is some purplish-brown flush on the surface, but there are no stripes. The lenticels are prominent white or grey dots, and the skin is smooth and becomes greasy in storage. The creamy-white flesh is coarse-textured, dry, and acid-flavored. In 1860, a specimen was recorded that measured 18 inches in circumference and weighed 3 ½ pounds. This shy bearer is a large, hardy tree that is vigorous and spreading in form. A cooking apple, it ripens late September and early October. 

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October