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Golden Pearmain

GOLDEN PEARMAIN is also called Clarke Pearmain, Clarkes Pearmain, Columbian Russett, Gloucester Pearmain; and there is a Golden Pearmain of English origin called Dutch Pearmain, Golden English Pearmain, Red Russett and Ruckman's Pearmain. There is a confusion in the relationship of Golden or Clarkes Pearmain with King of the Pippins and Reine des Reinette. The Golden or Clarkes Pearmain is speculated to have originated in North Carolina, and was noted in 1755, and described by Thomas in 1807. It is a round apple with flattened end and medium size. At first, it is a dull-green, but colors to red on a greenish-gold background with orange flushes and red stripes. Russet dots cover the surface. The stalk is short and the core is small. Its creamy-yellow flesh is very firm, crisp and juicy. A slow-growing tree, it bears heavily and annually. This dessert apple makes exceptionally fine cider and ripens in September.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September