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GOLD RUSH came from Purdue in 1992, one of the best scab-immune varieties released to date. A cross between Golden Delicious and a number of experimental varieties, author Yepsen describes it as one of the most stimulating experiences to be found on a tree. Fruit is medium size, yellowish-green in color, and round-conic in shape. Very tart at harvest (early to mid October), it mellows to excellence as a dessert apple after 6-8 weeks in storage. Due to its complex flavor, it is a strong candidate for hard cider production. First disease-resistant release with world class eating quality and shelf life. Keeps as well as Fuji. Tart, winey, clean taste that feels effervescent on the tongue, with just enough sweetness to keep the apple from being too aggressive. On into the new year, the flesh remains remarkably crisp and firm with a tart juiciness that will make you wish you'd stashed away a bushel.

Tree is of low vigor, very precocious and productive. It should be thinned aggressively to enhance fruit size. Susceptible to cedar-apple rust.

Ripening Period

  • Mid Fall - October