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Granny Smith

GRANNY SMITH originated from a chance seedling grown by Mrs. Thomas Smith, Ryde, Paramatta River, New South Wales, Australia, from discarded apples brought from Tasmania. It was fruited in 1868, and is thought by some to be a seedling of French Crab, but others claim Crow's Egg is a parent of Granny Smith. There are a number of cultivars, including a summer ripening strain and a distinct variety called Red Granny Smith. A large, bright-green apple with a peened surface, it is sometimes flushed purplish-brown. The lenticels are conspicuous large white dots, and the skin is smooth and becomes greasy in storage. The white flesh is very crisp and juicy. It is resistant to bruising and cedar apple rust. The upright growing tree is vigorous and bears early and heavily. It takes a long growing season to mature. Granny Smith is suitable for cooking, cider making, and sauce, as well as dessert. Harvest can usually begin 190 days after full bloom. In Virginia, it ripens in late September and early October

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October