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Horse Apple

HORSE APPLE is also called Yellow Horse, Summer Horse, Green Horse, Oldfield Horse, Mammoth Horse, Hoss and Old Fashion Horse. The variety Hass is a distinct variety, and some of the synonyms are likely seedlings of the variety that probably originated in North Carolina in the 18th century. Usually large in size, it is roundish in shape with the thick, bright-yellow skin occasionally blushed red. The yellow flesh is coarse, tender and acidic, making it a good eating apple. It is tart in flavor until fully ripe; but even then, it is not sweet. The tree is vigorous and has some disease resistance. In Central Virginia, it has been a popular cooking and drying apple, and the vinegar from early cider production was popular for use in pickling. It bears heavy crops annualy and ripens in July

Ripening Period

  • Mid Summer - July