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Hudson's Golden Gem

HUDSON'S GOLDEN GEM was discovered in a fencerow thicket in Oregon and was introduced in 1831 by the Hudson Wholesale Nurseries of Tangent, Oregon. It is probably the largest-size, high-quality russet apple. It has pronounced conical shape, smooth, uniformly dull-russet skin, a very long stem and sugary, juicy, crisp flesh. The flesh is light yellow in color. In some climates, the shape is irregular. It is a vigorous, productive and annual bearer. In taste tests, the flavor has been described as pear-like and nutty. The tree remains small, even on size-controlling or standard rootstock, and the fruit will hang on the tree long into the winter. There is a tendency to biennial production, and cross-pollination will increase the fruitfulness. It has some resistance to scab infection. Hudson's Golden Gem will store well and ripens in late September. Frost sensitivity causes cracking around the top which usually heals, but affects the appearance of the fruit. It can be a beautiful apple for a russet. One of the best flavored dessert apples when well grown.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September