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IDARED was introduced by Leif Verner in 1942 at the Idaho Experiment Station, Moscow, Idaho, from a cross of Jonathan and Wagener. A high-flavored and aromatic dessert apple of good size, and shiny, nearly solid red skin, the longer it remains on the tree, the higher the color. Its flesh is crisp, white and juicy, and the flavor is intense at the time of ripening, but diminishes during storage. Trees bear young and annually with heavy yields. Adequate potassium in the soil is necessary for Idared to color well. The tree blooms early and is useful as a pollinator. It is somewhat susceptible to powder mildew and fireblight, but is scab resistant. Idared is suitable for pie making, applesauce and cooking. In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, it was popular for blending to impart a high flavor to apple butter. It stores well and ripens in late September and early October

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October