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Lowland Raspberry

LOWLAND RASPBERRY is also known as Liveland Raspberry and Livland Raspberry. Lowland Raspberry is a literal translation of the German name, Lievlander Himbeerapfel. A Russian dessert apple of great hardiness, it was imported from Russia by A. G. Tuttle of Barraboo, Wisconsin, and was recorded before 1870. Medium in size, it is striped red on a cream background and has tender, white flesh, tinged with red. It is fine-grained, and the flavor has a hint of sweetness. Trees grow upright and compact and are genetically small, even when grown on their own roots. Biennial bearing, the fruit maintains its quality on and off the tree better than most other apples of the same season. The bark is yellowish, and the dull, coarse leaves are rounded or oval and closely serrated. The seeds are remarkably small. Lowland Raspberry ripens in July.

Ripening Period

  • Mid Summer - July