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MARGIL is also called Fail-Me-Never, Neverfail, Small Ribston, and Reinette Musquee. In appearance, it is like a small Ribston Pippin. It was cultivated as early as 1750, and is possibly of French origin. Lindley in A Guide To The Orchard & Kitchen, 1831, has no doubt that it originated in England, but may have been taken to England from the Garden of Versailles. This small, highly-flavored apple is still regarded by connoisseurs as among the best of all dessert apples. Medium to small in size, it is slightly conical in shape, and the skin is usually russeted on one side. The yellow flesh is firm, sugary, and as Hogg said, "with a powerful and delicious aromatic flavor." The very small tree is weak and slender and bears light crops, even though it is a spur bearer. Because it flowers early, it is susceptible to frost damage. It keeps well in storage and becomes greasy. Ripening takes place in September.

Ripening Period

  • Late Summer - August