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SPIGOLD is a vigorous triploid bred from Golden Delicious and Red Spy. It was introduced by the New York State Agricultural Station in Geneva in 1962. At one time, it was considered a replacement for the Northern Spy. A premier dessert apple, the background color is a pale-green that becomes greenish-yellow on ripening, with one-quarter to one-half flushed purplish-red. The flesh is crisp and melting, and at the same time, sweet and sprightly. The skin is tender and smooth with some russeting, and the size is large. It is slow to begin bearing. Because of its upright growth habit, it is important that it be trained early into a spreading shape. On young trees, bitter pit can be a problem. Spigolds picked from the king bloom will fill a bushel box with only 35 to 40 apples. The stem is long, stout, and projects from one side. Spigold blooms late and tends to biennial bearing. It will store well and ripens in late September in Virginia.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September

Other Features

  • Pollen Sterile