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Turley Winesap

TURLEY WINESAP is an open pollinated seedling of Winesap or Stayman Winesap, found by Joe Benton of Orleans, Indiana, before 1917. Another source states that the original tree was discovered in Joe Burton's orchard in Lawrence County, Indiana, in 1900. Medium to large in size, and round in shape, the skin is a dull red, covering most of the surface of the fruit, and the greenish-cream flesh is firm, juicy and subacid. The tree is a triploid and grows vigorously with strong scaffold branches. Turley Winesap resembles Stayman Winesap, but it is more crack resistant, and is considered of lesser eating quality than the Stayman. It stores well and ripens in early October, about one week before the Stayman Winesap. In addition to being a dessert apple, it is also an excellent culinary variety.

Ripening Period

  • Mid Fall - October