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Western Beauty

WESTERN BEAUTY was thought to be lost but was re-discovered by Carlos Manning near his farm in West Virginia. It was first described in 1829 in Ohio, but probably originated with John Grosh in Marietta, PA, about 1815. Fruit closely resembles Summer Rambo but ripens somewhat later. 1904, a Maryland Nursery catalog says: "never watercores and not disposed to rot; one of the best fall apples." Fruit is large, nearly covered with pale, dull-red, and striped with darker-red; dots large, gray and yellow; stem short to medium length in a large, sometimes russeted cavity; calyx closed or half open; basin large, broad, slightly-corrugated; flesh greenish-white, juicy, tender, mild subacid. This dessert apple ripens from November-February in the North, but July-August in North Carolina.