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Westfield Seek-No-Further

WESTFIELD SEEK-NO-FURTHER has the synonyms Seek-No-Further, New England Seek-No-Further, Connecticut Seek-No-Further, Marietta Seek-No-Further, Red Seek-No-Further, Red Winter Pearmain, Signifinger, and Westfield. It was known in Massachusetts as early as 1796, but likely originated some years before. Medium in size and conic to truncate-conic in shape, the greenish-yellow, dull skin is flushed orange with carmine stripes, and russet dots and patches. The shaded fruit is often irregularly russeted all over, with little color showing. The yellowish-white flesh of this dessert apple is crisp, tender and juicy with a highly distinctive aroma and a mildly astringent flavor, contributing to its distinctive taste. A bluish bloom covers the surface. The vigorous tree has straight shoots and the medium-sized and medium-green leaves are ovate in shape with sharp distinct serrations. They are prominently folded and reflexed. Westfield Seek-No-Further stores well, hangs long on the tree, and ripens in late September and early October. 

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October