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Willow Twig

WILLOW TWIG has the synonyms James River, James River Willow, Willow, Willow Leaf, and some claim the variety, Missing Link, is the same variety as Willow Twig. The origin is uncertain, but there is an 1845 catalog reference, and Warder referred to it in 1867 as a Virginia fruit. The James River name lends some support. Medium to large in size, and roundish-oblate to conical in shape, the greenish-yellow skin is flushed and mottled red, streaked with carmine and dotted with russet. The greenish-yellow flesh is coarse but very firm and crisp with a subacid flavor. Moderately vigorous, the branches of the tree are slender and drooping, giving the variety the Willow Twig name. The oval, medium-sized leaves are medium to light-green in color, folded, and reflexed. The serrations are sharp, small and regular, and the bark is a yellowish color. Willow Twig is somewhat susceptible to the major apple diseases, and it is difficult to grow in the nursery. An all-purpose apple and excellent keeper for eating and culinary purposes, it ripens in October

Ripening Period

  • Mid Fall - October