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Wolf River

WOLF RIVER is likely a seedling of Alexander, and was raised, according to Beach, near the Wolf River, Fremont County, Wisconsin. But Beach probably meant the town of Fremont, because there is no Fremont County. It was recorded in 1875. Large in size and ribbed at the eye and on the body, it is roundish-shaped with a pale-yellow skin that is nearly covered with bright-red flush and red stripes. There is russet on the base and russet dots over most of the surface. The creamy-white flesh is soft, tender, and mealy in texture, with a subacid flavor. If allowed to get too ripe on the tree, the fruit will rot. The smooth skin becomes greasy when stored. Slow to begin bearing, it is a spreading hardy tree with upright straggly growth. The medium-green oval leaves are folded, waved, and reflexed with irregular distinct serrations. It has some resistance to diseases, but is subject to sunscald. Wolf River will reproduce a close likeness when propagated from seed. This cooking apple is also suitable for drying, and ripens in late August in Virginia. 

Ripening Period

  • Late Summer - August