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Wyken Pippin

WYKEN PIPPIN has the synonyms Airley, Alford Prize, Arley, Gerkin Pippin, German Nonpareil, Pheasant's Eye, Warwick Pippin, Warwickshire Pippin and White Moloscha. It is reported to have been raised by Lord Craven about 1700, from seeds sent from Europe that were planted at Wyken near Coventry, England. Another report states that the seeds came from the Netherlands. Medium in size and rectangular to slightly conic in shape, the greenish-yellow skin is flushed a brownish-orange with some red streaking, and large russet dots. The creamy-white flesh is firm, crisp and tender, with a sweet flavor, making it a tasty dessert apple. The hardy tree grows upright and is vigorous and productive. Wyken Pippin ripens in October.

Ripening Period

  • Mid Fall - October