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Yellow Bellflower

YELLOW BELLFLOWER is a medium to very large, pale-yellow apple from early 19th century. Oblong conic shape, good keeper, bruises easily, excellent culinary variety. Originated in New Jersey and was considered an old variety in 1817. Large to medium in size, of a delicate lemon-yellow skin color with conspicuous white or russet dots, and blushed a red or red-orange on the sun-exposed side. The cream-colored flesh is crisp and tender with a sweet subacid flavor. It is juicy and aromatic. Considered a high quality apple for pie and sauce making, storage improves its use as a dessert fruit. It is also an excellent cider variety, because it contains 13.61% sugar, which ferments to 6+% alcohol. It is speculated to be the mother of Red Delicious. Susceptible to scab and bruises easily. The tree grows tall and vigorously with spreading growth. The bark is yellowish in color, and the apple stores well. Tendency to biennial production. Ripens late September and early October.

Ripening Period

  • Early Fall - September
  • Mid Fall - October