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Chojuro Pear

CHOJURO is an Asian pear that originated in Kawasaki, Japan in 1895 by Chojuro Toma. It is a brown to orange, russet-skinned early-midseason variety with high sugar content. The flesh is white, mildly sweet and bland, firm and coarse, crisp with a distinctive aroma; it has a slight butterscotch flavor. It is moderately gritty in some seasons. The fruit is a medium to large size, often nearly a pound; roundish, and somewhat flattened. It is a good winter keeper. Chojuro is moderately susceptible to fire blight; it is apparently resistant to pear scab and black spot. The tree is medium to large and is very productive. It is usually in full bloom mid to late March and harvests mid-September. The fruit stores for about 4-5 months. It is an excellent variety for home gardeners with limited space and has attractive fall foliage color. It requires pollination by Hosui, Shinko, or other Asian pears.