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Magness was released by the USDA in 1968 as a very high quality dessert pear that will survive under heavy fireblight pressure. Sometimes tardy to start bearing, the fruit quality makes up for the light early cropping (branch-spreading will significantly help). Mature trees are productive if good pollination is provided. Magness ripens a week after Bartlett. The fruit is a medium size, with an oval shape. The skin is lightly covered with russet, relatively tough, and somewhat resistant to insect puncture and decay. The flesh is soft, very juicy, and almost free of grit cells. The flavor is sweet, and highly perfumed. This pear is an excellent keeper. The tree is very productive, early bearing, and is shaped like pineapple fruits. This early market pear has an excellent flavor that is rich, crisp and juicy. It has a storage life of up to three months. Hardy in USDA Zones 6-9.


  • European

Other Features

  • Stores well
  • Disease resistant