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Shinsu pears are one of the earliest ripening varieties. It is a russeted, early-mid season Japanese pear. The variety was selected in 1956 from a cross between Kikusui and Kimizukawase. The fruit is medium size, with a yellow-brown russeted skin, globose-oblate in shape. It ripens in mid-August. The flesh is off-white, tender-crisp, fine-textured, very juicy and sweet. It has an excellent eating quality and is not as firm as other Asian pears. The tree is very vigorous, upright, erect with a poor lateral branching, precocious and very productive. The tree is susceptible to black spot disease and the fruit is moderately susceptible to fire blight. The fruit can be stored about 6 weeks.

Ripening Period

  • Late Summer - August


  • Asian