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Damson Plum

Damson is a small, oval-shaped plum with an indigo skin and yellow-green flesh. It has an acid flavor, and is usually used for jelly, jams or for damson gin. If the fruit is left on the tree very late, it has an acceptable eating quality, if rather sharp. The trees are vigorous and bear heavily, bearing very well in the warm temperate areas. This plum is very disease resistant. Its white flowers are borne in umbel-like clusters of 2-3 on short spurs, and the foliage is dark green. Fruit production begins in 3-4 years. This tree bears heavy crops of purplish-blue, juicy, tart plums that ripen in August to October. The tree adapts to wide range of soil types but requires moist soil. It is hardy in cold climates and tolerates strong winds. Rainfall and high humidity during the growing season can cause the fruit to crack. Thinning is not necessary for Damson plums.

Ripening Period

  • Mid Summer - July


  • European