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Making Craft Cider


by Simon McKie

From the back cover:

Cider is fashionable again. The drink's surge in popularity has not only benefited the large industrial makers but also commercial and domestic craft cidermakers, 'ciderists', who value cider of high quality and complexity. This book explores the history and practical techniques of craft cidermaking, examining the effects of fruit variety, climate and harvesting practice on the finished drink. Each step in the cidermaking process is explained as the new ciderist is guided through the methods of making cider of different styles. This is the perfect introduction for anyone considering cidermaking, and a fascinating account of the history of a drink that, at its best, has all the subtlety and sophisitcation of fine wine.

Simon McKie first started making cider thirty years ago and, after moving to the West Country, developed a keen interest in the West Country tradition of craft cidermaking. In this book, he shares his enthusiasm for, and experience of, making craft cider in all its variety and complexity.

Paperback, 109 pages

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