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Shipping Information

Shipping Policy

We ship bare root trees, tools, and books.  We have several pre-determined ship dates throughout our season.  In our current system, the best way to let us know your ship date preference is to either leave an order note while checking out or to respond to your order confirmation email with your choice. We ship all orders via USPS per your shipping date preference, and it is important that you are prepared to receive your order as the trees require immediate care upon delivery.  You will receive an USPS tracking number upon shipment for your convenience.

Orders Originating from California

The State of California requires growers and shippers of live plants or fruit and vegetable products to California to obtain a phyto-sanitary permit.  Obtaining this permit requires that the plant be shipped before bud break.  Because of this, California ship date options might have an earlier cut off point in the season.

Exception: Books and Tools will be shipped out when ordered.

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