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Sat, 03/23/2024 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

March is welcoming in our newest yeild of Harrison Cider, and to celebrate we are giving you the chance to try vintages from years past.

Once the most celebrated cider apple of the 1800s, the Harrison was nearly driven to extinction during Prohibition. Reclaimed from near eradication, it is now once again a hero of the cider industry. 

The Harrison's story of resilience over the last 200 years isn't the only fascinating thing about it. While the apple constantly yields a superior cider, the tasting notes vary widely harvest to harvest. We experience this phenomenon every year at the CiderWorks. Though many of our Harrisons have won awards, they each are unique flavors from one another. 

Join us on March 23rd for an after-hours event as we pull Harrisons from years past from our library and introduce our newest release for a vertical tasting of Harrison. We will be comparing 4 years of the Harrison Cider, ciders made from one of the most interesting apples in the industry.

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