Dessert Apples

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Eating apples raw should be an aesthetic adventure, from the unforgettable sweet smell of the rind to the crunch or crack as you take your first bite. Some of these apples need to be eaten almost as soon as they are picked, as they can mellow rapidly in storage.  Others reach peak flavor only after a period of storage, during which some of the starches convert to sugar, and flavors become more concentrated. Treat yourself this summer and fall to the taste of real apples: no refrigerator scent, no waxy rind, no bland sameness. While apples store very well, for weeks and months when refrigerated, many are at their best straight from the orchard.Be sure to come to our Fall Apple Festival when you can taste dozens of varieties to your heart's delight, and find plenty of apples and fresh cider to take home.

Dessert Apples: