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Storing Fresh Apples

Fresh fruit is a wonderful treat and to keep it fresh, please remember that fruit keeps best at high humidity (about 50%) and at temperatures just above freezing.

All apples continue to ripen after picking and become sweeter. A good keeping apple will continue to develop a more complex flavor in storage and some actually need it to reach their peak. Cool temperatures slow the ripening and aging of fruits as well as slowing water loss, preventing shriveling. Many varieties develop superior flavor after some period of storage. Such apples were prized for their keeping qualities and with proper storage, will keep for weeks. To prolong their quality, place in a plastic bag, punch several holes in it with your fingers and place in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.  Do not store with vegetables as the apples can absorb odors and off flavors.  Flavors will be best at room temperature, but keep your fruit cool until you are ready to use it.