Black Twig

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Black Twig
Black Twig is a full-bodied varietal cider with a light astringency.  It sports notes of orange peel, spice, and vanilla, followed by a clean finish.  A seedling of the Winesap apple, in 1830 the Black Twig was discovered growing on the estate of Major Rankin Toole in Tennessee.  Purported to be a favorite of Andrew Jackson, today this tart and tannic apple is prized by many who have had the good fortune to taste this increasingly rare variety.

Tasting Notes

This cider carries notes of warm spice, such as clove, nutmeg, and cardamom.  There's a black walnut-like astringency on the palate, supported by a backbone of soft tannins.  Richly flavored and refreshingly crisp, Black Twig has the potential to age nicely over the next year.

Why we like it

Black Twig carries a fairly generous load of tannins that soften on the finish.  Balanced with a tart acidity and heady nose of spice, this cider has a lot to offer, and will stand up well in boldly flavored pairings.