Jupiter's Legacy

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Jupiter's Legacy
Jupiter’s Legacy has a bright acidity with notes of citrus. Made from a blend of classic cider apples that changes yearly with the variation of the apple harvest, this cider has a nicely astringent tannin and a tart apple finish. Elegant with chicken and cream finished dishes.  8.2% ABV

Tasting Notes

As our most complex blend, Jupiter's Legacy displays a nuanced depth of body and flavor that reveals itself slowly, over the course of a glass.  Some warm tannins give this cider a rounder mouthfeel and longer finish, while the balancing acidity keeps it lively.  Jupiter's Legacy really shines when paired with complementary foods: chicken and cream-finished dishes, game meats, steak au poivre, and of course pork.  Sweet, apple-based desserts can also offset Jupiter's tartness nicely, such as an apple tatin with caramel sauce, or simply a cider donut.

Why we like it

This is our flagship cider incorporating our best traditional cider apples.  We believe that this blend which will vary from year to year as we are able to grow more tradtional American cider apples.  We believe it represents the best of what American cider was and will be.